About Us

Wicked Drops is an online shop that is operated by A & P Infinite Trading. We offer varieties of products. Like fashion and everything else, evolves so does definitions and terms. The colloquial term *WICKED means extremely awesome, cool, good, great, funky while, **DROPS means to spend money on, purchase something, or a secret and a place of secret delivery.
Accordingly, Wicked Drops provides a large selection of apparels, accessories, bags, cosmetics, consumer products, authentic designer items, electronics, jewelry, skincare or just about anything that we consider cool, cute, fresh and fun. Wicked Drops keeps its shoppers amused, happy, interested and satisfied by carrying prominent, upcoming global trends without limit to any category of goods with potentials by offering at the most reasonable and practical price possible.
We are proud to share that since 2005 we have been in the trading industry but operated among only a small circle of clients. As we were encouraged by the number of repeat and increasing new clients, we opened our other online shops in 2006, Diosas Couture and in 2008, Luxury Lane, which respectively both have established its own market.
In 2011, we decided to make some developments and opened Wicked Drops were we continued to sell designer items but eventually explored imported merchandise like men’s apparel, fashion accessories, Japanese cosmetics, and more. As we extensively modify, Wicked Drops currently provides official reselling opportunities for other traders and retailers. While this may not be a surprise to some but for those who are uninformed, we actually take pride in declaring that we have been aware that due to our evenhanded business approach, most of our long-term valued clients have been traders themselves. Through this, Wicked Drops now aims to broaden, start and develop brand new contacts while at the same time improving long valued relation with our clients.
At Wicked Drops, we constantly track and provide the latest fashion trends, hypes and craze to make sure we offer you the most exciting products available by famous, relevant, coming and even overlooked designers, manufacturers and brands locally and internationally. We abide by the premise of providing our clients to shop with ease, diversity & pleasure by addressing different markets. More than anything, Wicked Drops values its customers’ satisfaction. We always aim to have a smooth and pleasant shopping experience with our clients. We manage and operate with integrity and consistency, especially in delivering the stated quality of our merchandise. Wicked Drops can proudly declare that our business relationship with our clienteles have developed and grown a good long standing reputation for years with utmost respect and professionalism from both client and proprietors point of view.
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