DGK x Casio G-Shock 7JR G-8900DGK


Authentic G-8900DGK-7JR


Since birth of 1983, G-SHOCK which continues evolving in pursuit of toughness reaches the 30th anniversary in 2013. In commemoration of it, the fourth, "the G-SHOCK X DGK collaboration model" of the 30th anniversary commemorative special collaboration model appear.

■ DGK (D G Kay)
The skateboarding apparel brand which pioneer of the "street" skating, Stevie Williams stood and put up. The brand name is known as love Shomiyo of their crew, DIRTY GHETTO KREW by a nickname of his own, abbreviation of DIRTY GHETTO KIDS. I deal with the nonprofit activity to provide the teaching materials, skating goods to boys of the ghetto from thought to want to give a dream to children free.


Case bezel materials: Resin / aluminum
Resin band
Shock structure (shock cash register strike)-resistant
Inorganic glass
20 standard atmosphere waterproofing
Multi-thyme: I register 4 different cities, and indication reshuffling is

World time: Clock of 48 city (with 31 time zones, summer time setting function) +UTC (conventional world time) of the world

Stopwatch (with 1/100 second, 24 hours meter, the split)
Timer (a set unit:) A set maximum for one second: For 24 hours, is 1/10 second unit; measurement)
Five time alarm (one thyme alarm / daily alarm reshuffling function), time signal
Fully automatic calendar
12/24 time system indication reshuffling
Operation sound ON/OFF reshuffling function
LED backlight (Autolite function, super illuminator, afterglow function,) with the afterglow time reshuffling (1.5 seconds /3 second)
Report sound flash bulb function (the alarm / time signal, timer time-up, the report sound interlocking movement emission of light)
Precision: +-15 mean moon difference seconds
Battery life: Approximately three years
Size (H X W X D) / mass: 55.1 X 52.5 X 16.3mm/69g


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